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Allow Kabala to extend the warmest greeting and provide the most comprehensive explanation of Kabala’s mission, illustrated through the following story:

Once, a person asked a Zen master:

            • What do you think is the biggest problem for humans in this world?
            • Before I answer your question, may I ask who you are? – replied the Zen master.
            • I am a journalist!
            • No, that’s your profession.
            • I am Micheal – the young man hesitated.
            • No, that’s your name.

After a moment of contemplation, the man said:

            • Alright, it seems I don’t know who I am!
            • That is the greatest problem for humans in this world; we do not know who we are!

Indeed, Kabala was created with the mission to help humans resolve the greatest issue of their lives, and the biggest societal issue for humanity in the next 20 years (2024-2043), which is:




Kabala’s philosophy emphasizes that all human problems and suffering in life stem from two main factors: Greed and Ego. When a person truly understands themselves, they will find a way to overcome these two factors. Consequently, they will realize that true happiness is always right beside them – in the present moment. When they find this true happiness, everything they do in life becomes meaningful.

Kabala offers personality reports that enable a person to deeply understand themselves, thereby recognizing True Happiness and leading a Meaningful Life. Let Kabala accompany you on your Spiritual Journey.

Kabala is not just a philosophy, but also a companion. Through detailed personality reports, Kabala helps you to see yourself wholly, uncovering what we truly need and desire in life. These discoveries not only provide a clearer vision of the path ahead but also help us redefine our values, steering towards a more fulfilling and meaningful existence.

Imagine a life where every decision is formed from a deep understanding of oneself, where each action reflects your true values, untainted by greed or ego. This is a life where true happiness is not a distant goal but an integral part of every vibrant moment of the present.

With each page of the report, Kabala doesn’t just aid in understanding what makes you who you are but also supports you in identifying priorities and goals that are important in your life. In doing so, you not only confront the challenges of self-understanding but also cultivate empathy and love, opening the door to lasting satisfaction and happiness.

On this spiritual journey, Kabala is more than just a philosophical system; it is a friend, a guide, always ready to support you in exploring and developing your infinite potential. As you begin to accept and apply advice from Kabala, you’ll start to see positive changes in all aspects of life, from personal relationships to career and health.

Every step of this journey is accompanied by Kabala, helping you recognize that each choice, each decision you make, can have profound consequences. By living consciously and proactively, you not only create a beautiful life for yourself but also inspire those around you. Kabala is not just a philosophy to learn from but also a life to experience.

This life, with all its challenges and opportunities, is illuminated by Kabala through understanding and compassion. You need not search for happiness in distant places, for it lies right beside you, in every breath and in every smile of the people you love. Allow Kabala to help you embrace this happiness, to fill your life with meaning and joy.

The services and products offered by Kabala include:

  • Kabala Report: Personality reports based on Esoteric Methods & Kabala Philosophy.
  • Dabala: Energy stones, Feng Shui items, herbal teas, natural incense…
  • Health: Spinal manipulation combined with martial healing arts, healing chime therapy, meditation, yoga…
  • Education: Sharing and guidance on spirituality. Kabala
  • Global: International Kabala Esoteric Services & Kabala Reports.

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The essence of life is the balance of energy flows. Let Kabala.vn assist you in maintaining the state of happiness in your life. Contact: [email protected].

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